About Us

Trust the shipping insurance experts to protect your bottom line.

You work hard to make sure the high-value items you ship reach their destinations and your customers on time and in good condition. During transit, your shipment may be exposed to theft, damage, and losses beyond your control. Let IFS Inforsure help you mitigate risk and maximize your profit margins with competitive, quality shipping insurance powered by leading-edge online technology and a dedicated team of experts.


Experienced and economical.

Founded in 2016, IFS Inforsure combines the high-touch service and expertise of an experienced team with powerful online tools that make it simple, fast, and convenient to protect the value of your items during shipment. With worldwide economically priced shipping insurance coverage for major carriers, we offer domestic and international shipping insurance solutions tailored for each client's individual needs.

Trust IFS Inforsure to insure your jewelry, luxury goods, electronics, pharmaceutical, and other high-end and time-sensitive shipments while in transit. We will help you minimize losses while freeing your time to focus on running and growing your business.


Protect Your Profits

Our worldwide shipping insurance secures your high-value shipments against loss, damage, or theft while in transit for added peace of mind and profit protection.


High Quality, Low Cost

With competitive rates for quality shipping insurance, you will know you are getting excellent coverage for an affordable rate.


Easy to Use

With access to our user-friendly webtools, you will be able to insure your shipments from any location, any time. Our paperless online claims make is fast, easy, and painless to file and process claims through our secure website.


Customer Service

Our dedicated, responsive customer service team handles all your shipping insurance needs with none of the usual runaround, so you can spend your time on more important matters.

Backed by the shipping insurance industry's best.

When you choose IFS Inforsure for your shipping insurance needs, you will have the confidence of knowing that your high-value items are covered and protected by experienced, reputable, and trusted industry leaders.


We work exclusively with FedEx, the number-one carrier in the world, for air and ocean cargo shipping logistics to streamline your supply chain. We also partner with Wexler Insurance Agency/IJB, one of the largest privately owned independent insurance agencies specializing in providing insurance to companies shipping high-value goods. Our policies are underwritten by highly rated Lloyds of London, with unrivaled specialized underwriting expertise. Your peace of mind is our priority.